Support and security for your travelers.

Boulevards of Travel proactively supports your travelers by providing duty of care through our risk management and messaging software tools, as well as our software and reporting systems. Once notified of the situation, we can locate and contact travelers, usually within minutes. We will reach out to the travelers first to get them to safety, on a rescheduled flight, and attend to any needs that may arise depending on the situation. For individual travelers, we reach out to the traveler via mobile phone, push notifications, and email to assist them. Our agent team can then secure alternate plans, and make direct contact with the appropriate vendor representatives to ensure the travelers are getting the proper attention. For our corporate point-of-contacts, the Account Manager will notify them of which travelers are impacted by the event.

On a larger scale, we identify how many travelers are affected through our reporting and software tools. Toll-free international and domestic phone numbers are provided to assist travelers while in route both inside and outside of the United States. We utilize after-hours services, providing access to existing itineraries while agents rise to the challenge posed by sudden changes in support calls. In partnership with CCRA (the industry-leading emergency services provider), travelers have access 24/7 to experienced agents who can assist them. We receive State Department notifications, newswire concerns, air carrier notices, etc., which are relayed to a designated POC or distribution list at your business based on company preference.